Edward Dyas
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Born in Launceston, Tasmania in 1956 art was always a driving force in Edward's life from the time he could hold a pencil.  Over the years his employment path would swing from graphic design and illustrating to visual merchandising.  He reached the position of National Visualizing Merchandising Manager for the Sussan clothing store chain in the mid 1980's  There he was responsible for for the total "look" of over 180 stores throughout Australia.  An interest in costume design developed and for almost ten years Edward designed and made spectacular creations, mostly for personal wear, and won many local and international awards.

In 1997, Edward commenced work on miniatures in graphite pencil.  A series of male nudes, "Angels," sold well and won him his first drawing prize.  The technique has been improved to create a photo realist quality which has won international awards.

Edward became a member of the Australian Miniature Society (ASMA, Qld.) in 1997 and won his fifth consecutive Best of Show at their international exhibition in 2004.  He is a four- time winner of the Faber-Castell Award for Drawing Excellence in Miniature Art, twice at national level and twice at international level.

His versatility won him the Best of Show award at the inaugural international exhibition of the Canadian Miniature Society in 2001.    Other awards include the coveted Gold Memorial Bowl at the 2001 Royal Miniature Society annual exhibition, and best of Show at the Miniature Art Society of Florida's annual international exhibition in 2002.

Edward was self taught in all his art.  Working in graphite pencil, pastel, oil, gouache and mixed media, he was able to do justice to almost any subject.    Writing, in particular, poetry, was a form of relaxation for him , but it also played a pivotal role in creating the emotions for some of his art.

Since 2003, Edward had lived in NW Tasmania in his home/ studio with a forest setting.  
Sadly, he passed away in May of 2013.

We at  The Snow Goose Gallery mourn the loss of this exceptional artist.

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dyas a dash of yellow.jpg (334891 bytes)

dyas all you need is love.jpg (328112 bytes)

dyas clap trap low res.jpg (367823 bytes)

A Dash of Yellow

All You Need is Love

Clap Trap

dyas hello breakfast.jpg (327256 bytes)

dyas curious.jpg (55285 bytes)

dyas stop the whirl.jpg (412352 bytes)

Hello Breakfast


Stop the Whirl, 
I Want to Get Off

dyas tits akimbo.jpg (338770 bytes)

dyas vanity fierce.jpg (286512 bytes)

dyas who was that masked pup.jpg (189462 bytes)


Vanity Fierce

Who Was That Masked Pup?

dyas alert.jpg (116669 bytes)

dyas all you need is love sm.jpg (144301 bytes)

ink/ watercolor

All You Need Is Love (study)
colored pencil/ graphite

dyas defensive.jpg (93931 bytes)

dyas don't look now.jpg (115404 bytes)

dyas enterprising.jpg (100490 bytes)

ink/ watercolor

Don't Look Now
colored pencil/ graphite

ink/ watercolor

dyas it could be.jpg (109558 bytes)

dyas just thinking.jpg (161582 bytes)

dyas nodding off.jpg (128931 bytes)

It Could Be
colored pencil/ graphite

Just Thinking
ink/ watercolor

Nodding Off
colored pencil/ graphite

dyas often wondered about that.jpg (102551 bytes)

dyas opposites attract.jpg (80378 bytes)

dyas rising interest.jpg (82294 bytes)

Often Wondered About That
colored pencil/ graphite

Opposites Attract
colored pencil/ graphite

Rising Interest
colored pencil/ graphite

dyas say cheese.jpg (104931 bytes)

dyas the usual suspects.jpg (148038 bytes)

dyas ups and downs.jpg (127363 bytes)

Say Cheese
colored pencil/ graphite

The Usual Suspects
colored pencil/ graphite

Ups and Downs
ink/ watercolor

dyas wallabies.jpg (58402 bytes)

dyas was it good for you.jpg (68445 bytes)

dyas washday.jpg (68853 bytes)


Was It Good for You?
colored pencil/ graphite



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