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The 28th invitational exhibition
of fine art miniatures from around the world.

May 3- June 14, 2020
with possible extension!
In Lieu of our Collectors' Preview this year,
we will posting images on line as they arrive in the gallery.
click here to see the latest arrivals!

Out of concern for the health and safety of our friends and clients,
we have decided NOT to hold our opening reception, scheduled for Sunday, May 3.
We will continue to post the images online, and we are adding new ones daily.
 We invite you to visit the gallery and see the show in person when we reopen.
(We have a few ideas in the works- stay tuned!)
In the meantime, please contact us at 610- 974- 9099
or email us at info@thesnowgoosegallery.com.
Be safe, be calm, and be kind.

The Artists
Beverly Abbott | Sue Adair | Karen Allen
Carol Andre
| James Andrews | Morgane Antoine 
Chrysoula Argyros
| Lonetta Avelar | Stefan Balog
Christine Bass
| Eileen Bass | Judith Edgington Bayes  
Rita Beckford
| Celyne Brassard  | John Brennan
Susan Brooke
| Elizabeth Brown | Lauri Waterfield Callison  
Jean Cook  | Carolyn Councell | Anita Cox
Debi Davis | Viviane de Kosinsky | Leonora de Lange  
Shara Donohue
| Paul Eaton | Elizabeth Eckert
Phillis Elliott
| Debby Faulkner- Stevens | Barbara Felisky 
Wyn Foland
| Beverly Fotheringham | Bob Gherardi  
Sally Giarratana | George Gonzalez | Kelley Hails
Gini Harris
| Tiffany Hastie | Richard William Haynes 
Gail Hayton
| Mimi Hegler | Carol Heiman- Greene
Denise Heywood 
| June Holloway | Denise Horne- Kaplan 
Luann Houser 
| Joan Humble | Debra Keirce
Irina Kouznetsova 
| Janet Laird- Lagassee | Judy Lalingo 
Anne Landis
 | Sue Lippiatt | Carol Lopez
Patricia McCandless
| Linda McNeil | Victor Mordasov
Brenda Morgan
| Linda Morgan | Helen Mathyssen- Dobbins 
Jenny Musker 
| Melissa Miller Nece | C. Pamela Palco  
Kathy Pollak
| Ruth Penn | Kelly Radding
Genevieve Roberts 
| Carol Rockwell | Linda Rossin 
Ann Ruppert
| Christian Rzyski | Judy Schrader
Mary Serfass
 | Elinor Sethman | Rachelle Siegrist 
Wes Siegrist 
| Karin Snoots | Barbara Stanton  
Narissa Steel 
| Ellen Strope | Elaine Sweiry
Sherri Trial
| Nancy Van Meter | Laura Von Stetina 
Linda Wacaster
 | Sue Wall | Marilynne Wasielewski  
Akiko Watanabe 
| Katherine Weber | Karyn Wiggill  
Marion Winter
| Hanna Woodring | Shen Xin
Han Zhang
| LiPing Zhu








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Contact us!
phone: 610-974-9099
email: info@thesnowgoosegallery.com

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